12 October, 2011

Jane Austen Festival tickets now on sale!!!

Early bird tickets for JAFA (Jane Austen Festival Australia) are now on sale!!!!!
My Mum, Bell and I went last time with our friends Beany and Weasel (was it really only earlier this year?) and we had a ball (literally), it was SO much fun to be able to basically play dress-ups all weekend. It was FUN.

The basic program is roughly as follows (now remember this is a really rough sketch of the top off my head based on last year);
I didn't go last time so I can't say
 A bunch of activities in the morning (these include dancing, sewing workshops, and other random stuff related to the era)
 Lunch (provided)
 Another bunch of activities (see above)
 Go home an hour or two (I think it was two but I'm not sure) to get dressed for dinner
 Formal dinner (again, it's provided) and entertainment including some dancing
 A bunch of more activities (again, see above)
 Lunch (again, provided)
 More activities (continue seeing above)
 Go home earlier to have dinner and get dressed for the ... BALL (no, that isn't a soccer ball, or even a football, but a dancing ball - think Cinderella)
 Go to Ball :D
 Go to  Commonwealth Park for a promenade and picnic (not provided, sorry but you have to bring your own :P)
 (I think there was something in here, but I can't seem to remember what it was, so I'll just leave this bit blank)
 Back to the hall for some more informal dancing then finish up about mid afternoon

The link to the JAFA website is here and the link to the blog should be on my profile.

Have a great day and may God bless you,
Queen Nellie