07 September, 2011

Lucy clothes part 1: bomb shelter nightie

the original
I have always loved the costumes from the Narnia movies. While the characters are in our world their clothes are based on  the 40's, a period I have always loved, and their  Narnian dresses look so pretty and Feminine, just like I always Imagined them when reading the books. So I have decided to make them out of paper on this  cute paper doll I found when i was going through my stuff (the doll is 32cm or 12 1/2" tall). enjoy :).
The paper I used is just a white paper that I painted an off-white color because i didn't already have anything that would work. the buttons are little jewels that I found in my sequins box, all the rest of the detail I just drew/cut in by hand.

Lucy's nightie
 I had some trouble finding what length the nightie needed to be, 'cause I could only find the one photo of the nightie (above)... so I had to watch the movie ( what a shame ;) ). the buttons also are incorectly placed, it turns out that the closure is too short but I had already glued it all down and everything before I had any idea that it wasn't going to work so i had to leave it, that'll teach me not to check stuff before I stick/sew it down :( 

the top half
I had some trouble with the collar, if you look in the original photo you can see that the collar has little protruding bits on the edge, but my hand isn't nearly steady enough to cut  that, so instead I opted for cutting a tiny fringe which gives the effect of detail at least. 
Hope you enjoyed it, next i'll be doing Lucy's train outfit
See you next time Queen Nellie

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