14 September, 2011

Lucy clothes part 3: lamp post dress

 This was the first of Lu's dresses that I made, but when I decided to post her dresses on here as a series I decided to do it in chronological order, hence my only posting it now.
full length photo
 When I made this dress a couple of weeks ago, ether I hadn't found the wardrobe door yet, or I didn't have access to the Internet  for some reason or another (I'm hopeless at remembering such things), so I just had the pictures on my DVD cover to copy the dress off (not good pictures for that sort of thing in them-self's, plus they are tiny) so this is (hopefully) going to be the least accurate of all the dresses/outfits in this series.
close up of the bodice 
The 'flowers' on the cardigan are slightly very wrong, they are made of round sequins for the petals and for the center I used some shiny-star-thingies that I found in my sequins box. For the 'smocking' on the bodice I just used thin strips of green and red paper because they looked those colors on my DVD cover. 
 Sorry this post is so short, but there isn't anything else I feel I need to comment on. If you have any questions please, by all means leave a comment, I'd be more then happy to answer any questions I can :)
 Queen Nellie

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