27 September, 2011

The Magicians Nephew the next Narnia movie?

Dawn of Narnia
That's right, MN (the Magicians Nephew) will be the next Narnia movie, or at least according to narniafans.com. However be aware that it isn't official yet, I heard it from/read it on narniafans, who heard it from some guy on twitter who supposedly asked Waldon and Fox about it himself, so whether you want to believe it or not yourself is completely up to you, I haven't decided whether I believe it or not yet. Anyway, what this guy on twitter (Larry411) says is that MN is in development, and SC (the Silver Chair) is getting it's script written. What that means I don't really know (as you might have picked up, I don't know much about the process of making a movie, any one who would like to explain it to me would be most welcome). So the dates that Larry411 says are 2014 for MN and 2015 for SC, (sooo long to wait) but for some strange reason SC is actually further along in production than MN *confused face*.
I'm not quite shure what I think of this, of course I'm super exited that they are (hopefully) making another (2) Narnia movie(s), and I hadn't been able to make up my mind witch movie I wanted them to make next, so this solution is perfect for me. I think my biggest qualm is that I don't want to get my hopes up in case it isn't true *sighs*
Oh well, I guess all I can do is hope and pray that it is true *more sighs*

Queen Nellie

P.S. The link to the actual page were I found this is here http://www.narniafans.com/archives/12209

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