11 September, 2011

Lucy clothes part 2: train outfit

This is the 2nd part of Lucy's clothes. This outfit is the one Lu wears while the Pevinsie kids are on the train to the country/out of London. I've always liked this outfit, Georgie looks/looked so cute in it. I love the coat. I love the hat. I love how the suitcases set it all off so perfectly <3.
The paper I used is actually a photo of the fabric that they used for her coat in the movie that I blew-up and printed out, hence although technically it's the same fabric/paper, the Patton is a lot bigger, which does make it look somewhat different and which is a shame but couldn't really be helped as far as I know. In the movie the coat has double piping of chocolate brown and hunter green which looks amazing, but unfortunately I couldn't get that to look alright with my method (the pipping is a piece/pieces of paper slightly bigger than the one in front of it) so I just used the green instead.
the "label", buttons and pocket (yes, the photo is sideways)
The detail on the coat was so much fun, even if it was rather tricky. Getting the buttons the right size and in the right places, getting all the "pipping" the right size, and all-round doing the label. In case you're wondering what the label says it says; "Lucy Pevensie, 6th Dorset Ave, Finchley N3" and yes that is what it said in the movie (does anyone else think that it is therefore strange, that, while the children are at the train station before the Macready picks them  up, Ed looks at his label and says "perhaps we've been incorrectly labeled"?). One of the things I had the most trouble with was the safety pin that was holding the label on  the coat in the movie, I didn't have any safety pins small enough, so I decided to research the history of safety pins to see if I could pass off not using one as something to make it still historically correct, I discovered... that although safety pins were invented in 1849 they didn't become common until the 1930's, and with rations from WWII (starting in 1939) Mrs Pevensie wouldn't have wanted to send 4 safety pins off with her kids never to see them (the safety pins that is) again, so instead I 'tied' the string onto the button (aka;  glued it under the button)
the hat and collar (sorry about the glare)
The hat I had some trouble with, and I'm still not happy with it to be honest. In the movie Lu's hat comes right down to her ears and hence flattens her hair against her head, unfortunately my model/doll is made of cardboard and therefor her hair won't lie flat so I had to just perch the hat on the side of her head making it look way too modern.
For some reason or another I did the 'pipping'on the cuff in the brown, I don't really know why, I just had an urge to do it and I don't think it looks too bad if-I-do-say-so-myself ;)

next time I'll be doing Lu's 'lamp post dress'

 Queen Nellie

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